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I want to burry what's left of you in the deepest point in the world to let your shadow disappear  to empty my mind of your memories ,my veins of your poisoning love and to break the spiritual link between us  that invisible link that let  me frozen in some where in the middle between the past and the present ,between pain and love   each time my eyes fall on you and my soul meets your soul that invisible link that makes me back to you over and over ,makes my heart beat for you ,makes  the wounds get deeper and deeper...I'm just in the edge of the abyss,about to throw all my weapons ,about to lose control , about to collapse ...I'm just unable to turn the last page ,to write the last line,to give the last hug the last kiss... because Your soul  exist in every detail; the sound of  rain  the smell of old books ,the deep moments of silence the beautiful moon in dark nights, the stars in the blackness of the sky, the sad Melody of the sea,the coldness of winter and the warm

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