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My heart is singing a sad Melody of yours under the drops of my tearsMixed with the lyrics of  my painWhile my soul is dancing the last dance of love with your spiritAnd my pen is writing the last stanza of the the funeral of my feelings, of your memoriesin the presence of my mind who tries to save me from drowning in the darkness of sadness...I'm in the middle of this Storm reading the book of the pastLooking for the old you between the linesLooking for my happiness between the pagesBut the bitterness of reality,the bitterness of your neglect makes words unreadableMakes me feel like I want to burn every page with the fire of forgetfulnessMakes me want to erase the touch you left inside of meMakes me want to empty my heart of youI'm asking god to give me the strength to liberate myself of The devils of hopelessnessThe devils of weaknessTo let the rays of the sun purify my soulTo let The warmth of the sun take back the colours of my lifeTake back the old me...

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